ERA GLOBAL is proud to present our Winners Database

The Multi-Channel community has chosen the companies and professionals who have demonstrated excellence in the growth of our industry in the previous year. See the full list below. We congratulate all the winners, the nominees and all the companies that are part of our industry, contributing to and consolidating year by year the success of our community.
2022 Category 1: Best Short form
The Fast Thaw 4-in-1 Chopping Board has a fast-acting defrost tray, which safely thaws your food up to three times faster than leaving it to thaw by itself, saving you time and patience! Read more.
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Ken Daly - CEO JML
2022 Category 10: Business Personality of the year
Ken Daly is an investor, industry commentator and the CEO of innovative international consumer brand JML. The CEO since 2011, Ken is known for his innovative approach, which has made JML a truly international organisation and a household name in the UK. Read more.
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Fantastic Floating Mop, by Telebrand
2022 Category 2: Best Long Form
I hereby nominate Telebrand's Fantastic Floating Mop for Best Long Form. This show effectively and efficiently highlights all of the key features of the product in an exciting way that holds the viewers' attention. Read more.
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SANKOM products show by Oksana Mazourik
2022 Category 3: Best Live Show
SANKOM patented posture-correcting shapewear has become synonymous with being a top-selling product line on Home shopping Live Shows internationally. The SANKOM Product range is presented on live shows by Oksana Mazourik. Read more.
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Frédérique Thibault, BEST OF TV
2022 Category 4: Best Social Media Campaign
The social media campaign for the new product Scunchmiez (toy category) had a reach of 108.421 and 471.019 impressions. 80 000 units were sold in one month! Read more.
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Dr Michael Ho, DRTV ASIA
2022 Category 5: Best Presenter
Dr Michael Ho is one of the best presenters in our industry. His passion, enthusiasm and lively spirit, his power to explain, show and demonstrate even medical devices such as the Circulation Promoter is phenomenal and leads to enormous sales successes. Read more.
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INVICTUS ONE 2.0 by Genius GmbH
2022 Category 6: Best Innovation
The INVICTUS ONE 2.0 is the further development of the INVICTUS ONE. It convinces with a new design, unique accessories and an even higher suction power - for an even more thorough and efficient cleaning! Read more.
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2022 Category 7: Best Supplier
The TVP team, along with Ontel and other suppliers, have created an innovative distribution method for product so that the distributors in each country get the benefit of the best pricing, best service, and coordinated launches with the US. Read more.
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Frédérique Thibault, Best of TV
2022 Category 8: Best Distributor
Best of TV acquired the distribution of a toy product, Real Littles, in Q4 2020. This product is a small collectible backpack with stationery included. The company sold in 2021: 1 million units in hypermarkets / supermarkets / toy shops and Digital. Read more.
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